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Why is LPG ?

Sahara Cooking Gas Agencies is one of India’s leading LPG Agents in India, we would always give the best services to our this blog we can share some safety precaution while using gas services, so read and follow the instructions and act accordingly
LPG as a fuel has gained much more influence in households, industry and commercial sectors on account of its utility, economical and eco-friendliness. Being a colourless and odourless gas, LPG is sometimes untraceable at the time of leakage. Hence to know about the leakage Ethyl Mercaptan is added to LPG for odour. Therefore, it’s essential to know and follow definite safety practices to avoid any unexpected incidents.

Safety of employees, customers and stakeholders is of huge importance for any LPG supplier. LPG safety standards have improved but then accidents do take place leading to loss of life and property. What can be the main cause of such accidents? The root cause is mostly lack of awareness and its impact if safety instructio…