Why is LPG ?

Sahara Cooking Gas Agencies is one of India’s leading LPG Agents in India, we would always give the best services to our customers.in this blog we can share some safety precaution while using gas services, so read and follow the instructions and act accordingly

LPG as a fuel has gained much more influence in households, industry and commercial sectors on
account of its utility, economical and eco-friendliness. Being a colourless and odourless gas, LPG is
sometimes untraceable at the time of leakage. Hence to know about the leakage Ethyl Mercaptan is
added to LPG for odour. Therefore, it’s essential to know and follow definite safety practices to
avoid any unexpected incidents.

Safety of employees, customers and stakeholders is of huge importance for any LPG supplier. LPG
safety standards have improved but then accidents do take place leading to loss of life and property.
What can be the main cause of such accidents? The root cause is mostly lack of awareness and its
impact if safety instructions and precautions are not followed.

LPG safety tips at home:
Flammable and plastic items should be avoided near LPG flames.
The LPG regulator knob should be in off position when not in use.
Keep your kitchen well ventilated during cooking
LPG cylinders should always be kept in an upright position.
During valve leakage, it’s wise to put on the safety cap of the cylinder and take it out in the open
Shout or raise alarm in case of leakage detected. Open the windows, ventilators and don’t switch
on/off any electrical gadgets.
Use Dry Chemical Powder type fire extinguisher in case of leakage.
At Sahara Cooking Gas Agencies, safety is a necessary part of our business. Strict safety checks
are done to ensure risk-free operations throughout our supply chain. Safeguarding your LPG
installations from hazardous accidents.


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